Port Glasgow......Situated on the West Coast of Scotland approximately 20 miles from Glasgow.

The Bay of Newark stretched from the point of land on which the castle sits to the projection further down that used to hold the West Quay. The Bay reached up to what is now Bay Street and Fore Street.

So Port Glasgow has a long tradition with the building of ships and the import of goods.These imports consisted of mainly brandy, salt, wine, timber and tobacco.

Thanks to the Ford of Dunbuck nothing very large could get up the river, this led to the town becoming of major importance to the merchants in Glasgow.

The village of Newark and town of Newport was at first a little collection of no more than a handful of little houses, fishing was good and the orchards were many. The little white washed houses on the coast line set the scene for a quaint little fishing village. With the step braes and the rushing of the burns and waterfalls from the hills above.

Now the scene is set and the River Clyde introduced, on this river a work force of local people were to build some of the best ships in the world and people would admire their work wherever they went. To be' Clyde Built' was truly an advantage for any ship.


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Towns History
Port Glasgow has seen it's churches change, merge and be removed or relocated over the years. These pages contain details of the churches around town and what has happened to them as well as what the buildings are now being used for following conversions.
The Churches
I have not covered all the churches in the town if you can complete this section with any further details please get in touch!
These pages included details of Newark Castle,the timber and fruit trade, our dry dock as well as history making boats like the ps Comet and how the people were educated and where they worshiped.