The War Memorials

Discussions started on 20th January 1919 about the erection of a suitable memorial to the men and women from Port Glasgow who died in the 1914-1918 war.
The money was raised by public subscription by an appointed committee. Several places were considered for situating the monument including Birkmyre Park and placing it at the top of John Wood Street.
The eventual site at Fore Street was chosen.
The monument is made of Portland Stone and was unveiled on Sunday 23rd October 1921 by Sir Hugh Shaw Stewart. He noted that over 3000 lads from the town had signed up and sadly 319 never returned.

Following the second World War a new screen wall was added behind the memorial. This was unveiled on 9th November 1952. A list of names shown on the memorials can be found here.

The names on the memorial were as follows:

Thomas H Boyle MA
Andrew Bradley
David Buchanan MA
John M Buchanan
Hugh Brown
Hugh L Cassels

James Cuthbertson
Thomas S Dunsmore
Thomas Mour
James R Greig
James Johnston
Thomas R McBride
William Shaw

Robert McCulloch
Malcolm McDonald
Alexander M Ewen
David McNeish
Andrew Purdie
Robert Russell

Another war memorial plaque is still in place behind the parish church listing members of the church lost in the great war. Sadly it was in very poor condition and I was not able to make out the names. 
An oak communion table with the names of the 19 members of the congregation who lost their lifes in the war was put in place in Hamilton Church, the cost of this was covered by the members of the church. The dedication service was held on Sunday 5th December 1920 and the memorial was unveiled by Col James Lithgow.
On Saturday 3rd September 1921 the memorial to the 29 Toll Boys was erected at a cost of £67,
close to the site of where the Old Toll House one stood.
The memorial is a bronze tablet surrounded by grey granite, and is the work of Mr Archd. Hamilton, Glasgow
A very detailed account of the unvailing and other local press reports can be found here.
The names listed on the plaque are as follows:

Messrs W. Burnside
R.G.A. N. Collins
P Cooper
S Gilmour
R Graham
S Kane
J Love
J McGhie
J McKay
D Mooney

A Orr
S Ptolomey -
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
J Kincaid
A Logan
A McKay
G Potter - Cameron Highlanders
J Rorison - Seaforth Highlanders
F McCorkindale - Royal Scots
A Cooper - Royal Scots Greys
J Logan H.L.I.

R McLean - Inniskilling Fusiliers
J Duffy
S Mitchell
S Gourlay - Naval Division
C Simpson
D Wilson - Royal Navy
J Shields - Royal Field Artillery
T Walker - Durham Light Infantry
W Tanner - Howitzer Brigade

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