Port Glasgow Swimming Pool

Pool in Bay Street

Closed and boarded up Port Glasgow Pool in 2002

In 2001 at the meeting of the community and protective services commity a decision was made to repair the Port Glasgow swimming baths rather than build a new one. The cost of repairs is stated at £1.4 million with the main problem being a structural defect in the roof.

When the pool closed 3rd February 2000 there was a campaign and meetings were held in an attempt to save the building and keep it opened. Signatures were collected totalling over 9000. There was public opinion expressed in the local press in the form of letters submitted.

There were a few options to be considered. One of which was to convert the existing pool within Port Glasgow High School and use it. This was a good option as far as "community" around the school was concerned but gave limited use and access to the pool during school terms.
The cost of converting the changing room facilities would have cost £400,000 alone.

Other places given some thought included adjacent to the Community Hall in Devol, the one in Park Farm and on land adjacent to the old rope works building.These were considered to be in residential areas and not suitable and the land at the rope works is not under council ownership and in too industrial an area.

The other area which was considered was at the land adjacent to the community Centre at Dubbs Road. This site had ample parking and was in a good position as far as being close to the main population of Port Glasgow. The area is also in a "leisure orientated site" with the new facilities on offer at the Community Centre and the Library close by.

Even though the Dubbs Road plan came within the allowed budget and people I have spoken to thought it a great site for the pool this option was not taken and in some cases considered a "daft idea"

So the existing building was completely re-vamped with new floors and heating equipment installed. The changing rooms and showers have to modernised and disabled access in the form of WC's and an disabled access ramp, and full replacement of the fire alarm and electricity lighting systems.

Local groups expressed their relief and happiness that the pool was finally going to be reopened and hoped it would not take too long to get the work done.
The pool has the advantage of being very shallow and this is appreciated by the elderly and disabled swimmers and the local children for generations have learned to swim there. An award of lottery funding money will also go a long way to ensure that the pool stays a part of Port Glasgow for many years to come.

The Port Glasgow Baths where built originally as the Baths and Wash House.
Joseph Russell who donated £5,700 for the construction, and the wash house was in use up until 1961.

Port Glasgow Swimming Pool in Bay Street

Opening of the Baths and Wash house, 23rd June 1894.

A modern filtration plant was added in 1947. It was capable of treating the total contents of the pool
amounting to 57,000 gallons in four hours. It was described at this time as "65 feet long and 30 feet wide pond with slipper baths and a public wash house"

More moderiseation was carried out and it was re-opened as Swimming Baths only 19th May 1961.

They were closed for further improvemant in March 1968.

The pool was again closed to the public in 2000 when the decision had to be made on their viability. Local opinion was very much in favour or retaining the pool and people expressed a dislike at the thought of having to travel to Greenock to swim.

plaque above door to wash house

The pool converstion and repairs were completed and it was reopened  to the public in 2004.

Photo of pool after conversion used with permission of Mr T Nugent

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