St Mary's Church

The church is remembered fondly by the Port' folk for many felt that it was a shame that it was removed to make way for a new roundabout and road improvements.
A new building was erected up the hill in Bardrainney and many of the original features were taken to the new building including the font and stained glass which was a gift from St Johns in Greenock and a rememberance plaque for those lost in the great war.

I have been informed that there were no records kept of the people who were interred at St Mary's and the registry of Births ,Deaths and Marriges would be the only way of finding out any details about them.


The hexagonal "whim" was built by George MacMillan and estate staff in their spare time. It incorporates materials from many sources - the slate floor from a local bowling green and the stone walls from St Mary's Church Port Glasgow. The rafters coming from a neighboring farm.

Rev Thomas Beaumont Walpole was a well liked member of the community and served them at St Marys for over 14 years. Born in England 1825 he was married to Julia who was born in Bengal East Indies but sadly she passed away at age of only 34 in Port Glasgow.
Thomas was to marry again at St Luke's, Jersey on 6th February 1866 to Miss Jane Wingate the eldest daughter of Andrew Wingate of Broadfield House who was described in the 1871 census as a Shawl Manufacturer.

When Rev Walpole passed away aged only 47 on 8th January 1841 at the Robert Street manse a collection was taken up and donations were made from members of the church, friends and also from other local churches and organisations and a remembrance headstone was erected. This very handsome and unusual stone is photographed below.

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In 2009 the
The United Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway noted in 2009 that there were about 60 people who attended the church each Sunday and the the members were older people between the ages of 50 and 70. The cost of running the church each year was estimated at this time to be £47,000 a year.

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