A Short Tour Of Newark Castle


The main gateway into the Barmkin (5) Built in the late part of the 15th century. Beside the entrance pend is a guardroom. The two upper floors formed an apartment (a hall and private chamber) for the steward, the keeper of the castle.


The principal building in the 15th century castle where the laird and his lady had their suite of rooms. Above a ground floor storage cellar were three further floors of accommodation (a hall and private chambers) At the wall-top were battlements, but the existing arrangement dates to the remodelling carried out in the 1590's. The courtyard windows were altered at the same time.


The principal accommodations in the castle following the remodelling by Patrick Maxwell in the 1590's. At ground level were a kitchen and storage cellars, including a wine cellar.
On the first floor was a splendid hall, the main reception room and family dining room. The top floor contained a gallery where family portraits were displayed and bedchambers for the laird and his family.


Part of the 1590's rebuilding containing a bake house at ground level with private chambers on the floors above for other members of the lairds household and guests. The bedchamber on the first floor retains most of it's original panelling and cupboards, including a rare fold down bed.


A courtyard area around the buildings, formerly enclosed by a stout defensive wall (see 6 ) Excavations in the barmkin have revealed the remains of outbuildings.


The only surviving part of the 15th century barmkin wall that formerly surrounded the castle. Two storeys high, it was converted into a Dovecot, or pigeon tower in the 1590's. There may have been other projecting round the towers elsewhere along the barmkin wall.


Surrounding the castle at one time was extensive gardens and orchards, but these were replaced by shipyards in the 19th century. Lamont's shipyard to the south and east of the castle was demolished in the early 1980's

The bedchamber within the castle

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