Port Glasgow High School

Highholm Higher Grade school first opened for pupils in 1909, although there had been a Grammar School in Port Glasgow for many years before this. In the middle of the 19th century the grammar school employed 3 teachers.
The Highholm school of 1909 recruited its pupils from the older schools of Chapelton, St John's , Jean Street and Clune Park and catered for children in infant, primary, supplementary and higher grade departments.
The initial roll of the school was 413 pupils with a staff of 13.

By 1927 the primary department of Highholm Higher Grade school had been dispersed to other schools in the district and re-named Port Glasgow High School. The class list being made up as follows: 12 for Secondary education
8 for Advance division
1 for "backward"

They planed for the school to grow and serve the community but at the out break of the war any plans for improvemts and additions were put on hold.

After the war it was decided to build a new school on the site at Bardrainney, a site almost unrivalled by any in what was Renfrewshire,with a view that took in Ardmore's wooded peninsula, the grand peaks of Argyle and the green fields of Cardross.In the middle of all this dominating the whole view was the sheer bulk of Benlomond.
There was some building restrictions at the time and the building was not completed till 1956 when the pupils were moved to the new school.This school was designed to take 650 pupils.

Due to the fact that the leaving age for pupils was increased to 16 and the added numbers of children who stayed at school even after this age there was a need to provide space for a six year education level, yet another building was planned

The new site at Slaemuir seen the building of a modern building and the Port Glasgow High that we now know was built. Recent improvements have brought refurbished and improved accommodation for pupils and improved heating and lighting conditions.

St Stephen's High
Port Glasgow High School

PGHS now St Stephen's High School.

Port Glasgow High School 2001


The black and white photographs were taken for a booklet that was issued on the opening of the high school at Slaemuir

The new chemistry labs.

The home economics room.

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