Port Glasgow Golf Club

Officially opened on 11th April 1896 Port Glasgows golf course high on the hills looking down on the town has a long history and is still a popular and well used course today.


The club came to be because local business men had until that time had to travel to Greenock or Kilmacolm to play a game.
In August 1895 the local press said " A golf course had been looked at on the grounds of Devol. Mrs black the tenant of the farm has been seen and her terms are reasonable. The sanction of Sir Michael R Shaw-Stewart only remains to be obtained and a deputation is to wait upon Mr Peile at the Mansion house in connection with this matter.

The Opening Ceremony

Many of the gentlemen that have been mentioned in the site before were connected to the club with Mrs Anderson Rodger being the first to "drive-off". One of the founders was John Duncan another local ship builder.

On the 11th November 1895 Mr Kane a local gardener was instructed to lay out the course, this was to be over 9 holes and he was paid £43 for the task. Another feild was rented from the Blacks and one from the Millers at High Auchenleick to alow the course to grow to 18 holes.The new corse eventually opened on 24 April 1920

The first club house was built in1895 and by 1897 another larger one was built on the site. Still not having enough space a rather novel way of solving the problem was proposed.
A visit was paid to Clyde Shipbuiling and Engineering company who had some "Deckhouses" taken from the "Queen Empress" that they were willing to sell.
A price was arranged and the houses were removed from the yard and used as extensions for the main building.

2: club house

The first Club House built 1895

The building seems to have been altered and extending many a time in the forthcoming years as more space was required and the membership grew. This included the adding a ships keel house taken from Smith's Ship Breakers Yard in the early 20's.

Club competitions were many and the club had a large membership of both women and men. They also had a strong membership in the juniors section.

For a more up to date view of what is going on at the course you can visit the clubs own web site.

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