Clune Brae Hotel Fire

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I along with another two men ran a camera section up in the community centre above the hotel we used to tell the boys and girls how to develop and print their negatives we had a good class I even had a photographer in to judge their prints when we had a competition. the winners 1,2,3 were put up in the foyer for all to see. It so happened that the day of the hotel fire I was up collecting some pictures that I done the night previous, the hall keeper said to me that he had seen some smoke from the hotel but it had gone away. I collected my pictures and as I was coming home the smoke was so bad I had to go round the road to get home I got my camera and the only film I had left was for slides so I loaded as much as I could and as I approached the hotel I started taking pictures from just about the high flats at Mid ave.and the results you are now looking at.

Sadly Mr Henry is no longer with us and my contiued thanks go to his family for their support with this page.

My thanks goes to Mr DP Henry who very kindly allowed me to use his photographs for this page.
He explains below how he came to take the pictures.

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