Two photographs of the green, the original and a coloured version. You can see the large ships figure head which came from Canada on a ship called the Bruce.

The committee met with a number of representatives of the various
trades in Port Glasgow and other working men resident in Port Glasgow, who
were in attendance on the invitation of the committee as resolved at the last
meeting, in regard to the formation of a club for the Bowling Green at the,
Park; and the clauses in Mr Birkmyre's Deed of Gift in regard to the Bowling.
Green having been read, Bailie Macfarlane and the other members of the
committee made explanations in regard thereto. The Meeting discussed the best mode
of carrying out the object of Mr Birkmyres gift of the Bowling Green,
Mr George Allison moved that a committee of nine working men from this meeting
be appointed to consider the terms of which a Bowling Club can be formed in accordance with Mr Birkmyre's Deed of Gift, and also to obtain the names of working men resident in Port Glasgow
who are willing to become members, and to draw up and submit to the Parks Committee for their consideration bye-laws for regulating the affairs of the Club, this motion was seconded by Mr. James Anderson and agreed to. The committee having power to add to their number if they consider this proper. The meeting having next considered the mode in which the members of this committee should be selected. Mr.James McMinn moved that three members be appointed from each Ward, which was seconded by Mr David Davidson. Mr Allison moved as an amendment that the members of the committee be appointed individually irrespective of, either trade or ward, which was seconded by Mr Hendry. The votes having been taken, eleven voted for the amendment and six for the motion the chairman declared the amendment carried. On the motion of Mr. Allison, seconded by Mr Davidson, it Was unanimously agreed to ask the Council to convey to Mr. Birkmyre the thanks of the working men of Port Glasgow for his great liberality in providing such a splendid Bowling Green for their use.

Birkmyre Bowling Green

The old picture was copied while still in it's frame the quality is not so good.

Minuets of the meeting held 25th November 1895

The members of this committe were as follows:

Mr George Allison 31 Ardgowan Street

Mr Thomas Wyllie 4 William Street

Mr Robert Smith Higholm Street

Mr Thomas Pollock 69 Ardgowan Street

Mr Andrew Wilson Highholm Street

Mr William Arnott Springhill

Mr David Davidson 61 Brown Street

Mr John Taylor Miramichi

Mr James Anderson Park Place

Another meeting was held on 28th January 1896.
This time the committee invited the working men of Port Glasgow to meet in the town hall in order to find out just how many of them were interested in becoming members of the club. The committee needed 80 men to show an interest in order to have the subscription fee set at 5s if this number could not be secured then the subscription would have to rise to 7s 6d. The meeting was to be held in the lesser town hall on the 5th February 1896 and the results of this meeting forwarded to the finance and law committee.

Unfortunatley the information that the club holds is incomplete and the details take a jump to the early 60's after this.

County Cup Winners 1920

By looking at the information it seems that the club had some inprovements done in the early 50's in the form of a new club house.

The communications on this subject coming from the offices of the town clerk of Port Glasgow , the new club house was officialy opened on 5th May 1956.

Scottish fours Semi-finalists 1970
The photo includes A Witherspon, J McP. Anderson, G Anderson and
D Anderson (skip)

Greenock and District Pairs Winners 1970.
G Penrose
A. Moore (skip)

My thanks to the members and staff at Birkmyre Bowling Green for their help in puting together this page.

Birkmyre park was opened on 13th July 1895

The club house was destroyed by fire in June 2008 at which time I would image all the items copied here were also lost as they were kept in the clubhouse.

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