I am often contacted for more information on
yards in the Inverclyde area.
All the information I have is included on these pages,
I can't add any more to these details..........sorry.

If you are looking for details of a Clyde built ship then the best starting place is Clydebuilt Database. This site has details of ships built on the Clyde by many diffrent yards and where they are now.

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I have not covered the yards and their history in any great detail as I feel that it is already well covered on the net and I am not the best person for the job, however I wanted to bring some of the details of the Port Glasgow's yards together in one place for those who find this subject of interest.

I have included the early history of some of the yards and who was involved with them like the Lithgow family and John Wood as well as details of some of the more well known ships - Glenlee, Falls of the Clyde and a nice report on the Torch.