The Old Yards

Some of these photographs are over 90 years old and show some of the yards that were along the shore line in Port Glasgow at that time. Because of the age of the prints they are not the best quality but still I feel worth seeing. Click on the small print to see a larger version.

Clyde Shipping & Engineering Co Ltd

Dunlop & Bremner & Co

Russell & Co

Russell & Co 2


The Glen shipyard of John Reid &Co Port Glasgow with 5 ships at various stages of building.....around 1880

Ferguson Ship Builders

Old Photograph of the Fergusons Yard. I am unsure when it was taken but this copy was printed in 1963

Veiws Over Lithgows

These two photographs (right) were taken in the early eighties. They show the 'fitting out basin' of Lithgows.

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