THE mighty Goliath crane in Port Glasgow, once the symbol of Clyde shipbuilding greatness.
The 300-ft high crane was the biggest in Britain when it was Built by Arrol & Co in 1971.
But when it came to demolishing it in 1997 the crane defied English explosives experts who only succeeded in changing its shape from a gate leg structure to the world's largest tripod. Then the men from the Yorkshire-based Controlled Demolition Group paid tribute to the strength of Clyde-built engineering.
A second attempt was planned and roads were again closed as hundreds of local people turned out on the hills abouve town to witness it's fall.
Fifty kilograms of explosive severed two legs half way up the 300ft high triangle and the centre span collapsed to the ground in a cloud of dust. Several fail safe mechanisims were in use to make sure Goliath succumbed this time. Non-electric detonating charges - the safest explosives were used in several positions at the base of the legs, half way up, and on the cross beam.

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