A Few Photographs

Built in 1938 by Ferguson Brothers Ltd the Vehicular Ferryboat No:4

It was the first diesel-electric ferry on the river Clyde and worked out of Govan up until 1966.

The last four operative Clyde steamers lie at winter berths in Queen's Dock in 1967.
PS Caladionia, TrSS Duchess of Hamilton, PS Waverly, TrSS Queen Mary II.

The emergency support vessel Iolair during trails on the river Clyde 1982.
Built by Scott Lithgow for BP operations in the north sea.

The Clyde Shipping Company's tug Flying Buzzard leaving Ferguson Brothers yard in Port glasgow in 1912.

The liquid gas carrier Taraquair for the Anchor Line Company was constructed in two halfs.

The after section was built by Ailsa in Troon and launched in August 1981. The forward section was built by Fergusons and launched the same month. The two sections were positioned at the Inchgreen Drydock on 23/08/1981 and the link up was completed by September 15th and the main engine fitted.

In 1904 these were both new ships seen on the river Clyde.
The 5,300-ton four masted barque Kurt leaving the yard of William Hamilton & Co attended by the new steam tug Cruiser who belonged to Steel and Bennie.

A barque in the upper reaches of the Clyde with the Steel & Bennie tugs SS Thunder and PS Brigadier.

The Scindia Steam Navigation Company of bombay were old and valued customers of Lithgowws Ltd.
This photograph shows the 16,000 ton deadweight motor vessel Jalarajan on trial in 1966.

The rush is on to get home!
This photograph shows clocking off time at Scotts' yard in 1961

A launch from Hamilton's yard in Port Glasgow 1957.
This is Brocklebanks' Makrana on launch day. Many of these ships were launched without any fuss or ceremony and their offical nameing would take place once they had been delivered to their home port of Liverpool.

The Lord Of The Isles built for Caladonian McBrayne 1989.
In this photograph she is sitting at the fitting out berth of James Watt Dock.

In September 1940 she went alongside the blazing cruiser HMS Sussex to assist in the firefighting at the Yorkhill Quay.The colour shot shows her last day of service on 22nd January 1966.

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