The people of Port Glasgow are often referred to as "warm and friendly"  Ask someone who left a long time ago and they will tell you that they still call it home.

In this section of the site you can find details of some of the people who have left their mark on the town either through public service or maybe by their profession. Many reminders of wealthy members of Port Glasgow's community have been lost over the years but many of the names will still be familiar to you like Lithgow, Birkmyre and John Wood still in use today as streeet names

People of Port Glasgow

The first one added was that of Mr Bonar.
His portrait now covers three generations of men who lived and worked in Port Glasgow.
All of them have been taken from the Lithgows Journals and were first printed in the 60's - the working man as important as the wealthy.

After adding the first of the portraits I was sent quite a bit of mail. Some remembering a tale or two, others faces and names. Two people even commented how strange it was to see their grandfathers faces on the Internet!

The Portraits
You can also find a list of the oldest Bailies of Port Glasgow and the details of the towns Provosts dating from 1673 - 1962 in this section.
Some other details have been added after visitors to the site found connections to the town through working on their family tree. These details are always interesting so please get in touch if you find you have a Portonian ancestor!

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