Lady Alice Shaw Stewart

I will not go into too much detail here as the family are really the remit of Inverkip and not Port Glasgow.
With this said you can't look into Port Glasgow's history with out coming across the family name so here are some details.

On the 14th November 1883 Sir Michael Hugh Shaw Stewart married Lady Alice Emma Thynne (daughter of the 4th Marquess of Bath)

Shaw Stewarts

After their wedding they were welcomed home to Scotland by enthusiastic crowds. Port Glasgow was the starting point of their journey to Ardgowan.

A large crowed turned out to wish them well and flags and banners were displayed . One which read "welcome to thee and thynne"
The couple set up home in The house of Carnock and with time set about improving the house and gardens.

Part of the Estate of Sir Hugh was Newark Castle and the lands surrounding it. In 1909 he turned it over to H.M's Office of Works Westminster. There was however certain stipulations in this deal. One of which was that a pre- Union Flag of Scotland was to be flown and that the local boat owners and boat clubs should retain access to the water through the castle precincts. The present tenants in the castle he requested be allowed to stay on in the building as caretakers.

Another gift to the district was that of 4 acres of land that is now the Battery Park. Rather than sell this land to industries which were more than interested in it he decided to gift it to the Greenock town council with the stipulation that it be used only for recreational purposes.

Another name familiar to the Port Glasgow story also comes up . In records that were kept by Sir Hugh it is noted "The beloved Duchal Moor sold....To Mr H Lithgow (owing to pressures of taxation) This was noted after the war and also in 1918 Lady Alice set up benevolent societies for the army, navy and the air force. She is also noted as giving assistance to the Earl Haig Fund.

Lady Alice was involved in many things in her life. She had been involved with the Guide movement and was a member of the Paisley branch of this organization. She was also active on the Greenock School Board she had been given a C.B.E and was also a justice of the peace.

At the time of her death in January 1942 letters of condolence arrived for her widow, one from Buckingham Palace sent by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. She was buried in the Churchyard in the village of Inverkip.

Sir Hugh and Lady Alice Shaw Stewart, photograph taken at the time of their silver wedding in 1933.

Ardgowan House, Inverkip

Ardgowan House Inverkip

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The family can trace it's origins right back till 1090 and includes many names that you may recognize including Robert The Bruce (1306-1329).Indeed the story contains everything from kings to murders. Weddings to cousins and more.I will say that there was a marriage to Janet Maxwell in 1553, she was a Maxwell of Newark Castle in Port Glasgow so that is another connection to the town.

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