This part of the site is about the family from Kilbarchan who were to have strong links to Port Glasgow and Kilmacolm. A connection that was to last nearly 200 years.

The Birkmyre family were generous to the whole community through their gifts and services to the town and their work with local children, schools, charities and through the church.

As well as becoming the owners of the Gourock Ropeworks they had large homes with staff to match and made considerable contributions to the town of Port Glasgow which include a public park and a hospital.

Special thanks in help with information for theses pages to the headmistress of St Columba's School Kilmacolm and Mr R Birkmyre for sharing his family tree re-search.  

Also thanks to L C Sykes for information and pictures used in this section about James Birkmyre.

The Birkmyre Connection

These pages will tell you more about some members of the family but it is not a complete family tree although dates of births and deaths are listed when known.

Two of these large homes are still standing and have seen many changes over the years most recently with conversion into flats, photos are included of both before the conversion and the results of a bad fire.

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