Broadstone Jubilee Hospital

John Birkmyre made a donation to the town to mark the occasion of his golden wedding. The Broadstone Jubilee Hospital was a gift to the people of Port Glasgow, a hospital for the community.
It was a "cottage style" hospital and the initial donation of £10,000 rose to £40,000 by the time of it's completion.
It was formally opened on October 24th 1907 by Lady Alice Shaw Stewart.
Mr & Mrs Birkmyre were presented with two gold master keys to mark the occasion.

The hospital consisted of the main block of buildings with back buildings containing offices, theatre, nurses and servants accommodation.
Two wards in the main building to start with each contained ten beds but sufficient space to accommodate additional beds when they were needed.

It was intended firstly for the treatment of accidents which would occur in the local industrial concerns but a large number of other case (surgical) were treated within the building.

At some time in the early 1900's a "Dispensary Department" was added. People could receive treatment for minor injuries and have dressings attended to.

The business affairs of the hospital were at first taken care of by a Board of Management. This was made up representatives elected by the trustees, the subscribers and the workmen in our local yards and factories. Mr John Birkmyre (jnr) acted as chairman of the board since its conception and for a long time was concerned in the running and welfare of the hospital.

The hospital is no longer standing, services were moved in 1979 to Inverclyde Royal hospital in Greenock, in it's place is a sheltered housing accommodation complex for the elderly.

These photographs of the staff were taken between 1956 and 1958. I have names for two of the nursing staff but would like to add more.......if you can help get in touch.

Some details from Charlie who was kind enough to share these pictures......... One of the nurses is Betty Collins and another Nurse Sweeney. They were all taken between 1956 and 1958. Her wage was £8 a month. £6 went to her mother.
She lived in the hospital as well..
Charlie also mentioned that a stain glass window from the old hospital can now be found at Inverclyde Royal in Greenock.

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