James Birkmyre
1869 - 1920
James Birkmyre and Mary (‘Molly’) Simpson were married  in St Marylebone, London between April and June 1912 he was not unmarried as previously stated on the family tree section of this site.
He seems to have been very keen on horses and set up a riding school in Kilmacolm and in the later years was know to spend time at  Ingmanthorpe in Wetherby, Yorkshire which was situated close to a race course.
A member of the Birkmyre family (a distant cousin by marriage)  who is compiling her own family tree has very kindly sent me some photographs and details of James Birkmyre which I have been given permission to share with you here. We are hoping to add some more information about this member of the family if possible so if you can help please get in touch.

The photograph here shows him on horseback and was taken in 1914 infront of Ingmanthorpe Hall

The following pictures were taken inside the house and give us an idea of how the house looked when the family spent time there, the last image is a recent shot of the building..
My thanks to L C Sykes for information and pictures used on this page.
It is possible that James met his wife through her work. She had qualified as a nursing sister and helped the Countess of Harewood run a nursing home for officers at nearby Harewood House. Molly’s sister, Marie Simpson ( photograph below) became one of the nurses.

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