Mrs John Birkmyre Jnr - Springbank

John Birkmyre III also known as Young John

Jean Birkmyre Mrs HE Semple

Mr Birkmyre was a fourth generation member of the Birkmyre family the predominant partners in the Gourock Ropework Company in Port Glasgow.
He was awarded a Knighthood in 1917 and created a Baronet in 1921 and lived untill August 1935, age 59.
Archie, as he was known, was forced by business commitments to spend a great deal of his time abroad particularly in Calcutta, India. A gentleman of a very generous disposition and wise of judgement, he bestowed the presentation of a pair of Rose bowls, to be played for annually at the Port Glasgow Golf Club one for the Ladies section and one for the gentlemen. These bowls to become the property of any person winning them 3 times, although not necessarily in succession. When this happened, these bowls would be replaced by 2 new ones by Mr Birkmyre. This in fact is recorded this happened in 1909 and in 1927.
Immediately after Sir Archie's death, his son Sir Henry presented to the Club a further Trophy to the perpetual memory of his late father. Inscribed: .D Birkmyre Bart Trophy' 'Presented by his son; Sir Henry, and Lady Birkmyre'.

A well known and much respected member of the Birkmyre family. He spent much of his
Career in Calcutta, India with the company of Birkmyre brothers. Mr Henry was the son of Sir Archie Birkmyre.
Henry passed away (1993) just prior to his 94th birthday. In his younger days he was also a keen golfer and the photograph shows him receiving the Indian Amateur Championship Trophy at the Royal Calcutta Golf Club in 1936, the cup being presented by Sir John Anderson, the Govemer of Bengal at that time.

Family Photographs

Mrs John Birkmyre of Broadstone

Nee: McClarty. Eldest daughter of Malcom McClarty merchant of Greenock.

Helen MacLarty

Married to John Birkmyre
29th November 1855
in Port Glasgow

Born: July1834

Died: 1st January 1915 age 80 years

Mr John Birkmyre of Brodstone

(Second son of William Birkmyre)


9th August1910
At Broadstone House

Married to Helen McClarty
29 November 1855

Seated front left is Mr Ian Birkmyre and standing behind him is Sir William Lithgow. This photograph was taken at a dinner in 1970 held by the Kilmacolm and Port Glasgow Agricultural Society.

Henry Birkmyre II

The Birkmyre Board Room.around 1960

From left to right: Henry Birkmyre Semple (son of the chairman): John Fullarton Birkmyre (Mr Ian) , sales director and deputy chairman: John Maxwell, W.S : Commander Hugh Egerton Semple, R.N (retd), chairman and managing director and deputy Lieutenant of the county of Renfrew: R.I Campbell, seceratory: David Lumsden Morgan, Production Director.
The portrait in the background is that of Robert Owen


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