Birkmyre Park

This was a gift to the people of Kilmacolm and he stipulated that nothing was to be built close by to either hinder or reduce the openness and the view or the place.

The seating and clock seem to have been added to the park in 1904. The ends of the pavilion are decorated with an emblem and the Birkmyre name. I would imagine this is the change detailed above.

The park cottages date back to 1889. They are in a small rectangle each backing on to one another. At the time these images were taken they are used by the councils grounds staff although it has also housed a childrens nursery and in 2005 was again under discussion when plans were put forward to have a gym built within the park.


The park is well kept and well used, once in a while it even hosts the fun fair.
It has a kids play area and swings as well as the football fields.

Birkmyre park Kilmacolm with Shalott in the background

In 1889 Adam Birkmyre bought the land to the front of Shalott with the intention of providing public recreation ground for the people of Kilmacolm in particular the youth and the young children.
Foot paths and open space was well laid out and space allowed for cricket and football. At the other end swings and climbing equipment.

The park was formally opened on 7th June 1890 and a celebration was held. 300-400 school children took part in a parade and the head of this was the 1st (Renfrew) Voulenteer Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders pipe band.

Birkmyre Rugby Club was founded in 1976.The Club currently plays in the Glasgow & District Leagues

"By a Trust Disposition granted on 1 November 1897 and recorded in 1908, Adam Birkmyre, a resident in Kilmacolm, conveyed to himself, his wife and the survivor, and to the Parish Council of Kilmacolm, as trustees for the inhabitants of Kilmacolm, an area of ground known as Birkmyre Park, together with four cottages known as the Park Cottages and some related areas of ground and other subjects. Mr Birkmyre's testamentary trustees conveyed further ground to the Parish Council, as trustee of the Park, by two dispositions recorded in 1908 and 1916 respectively"

"The Trust Disposition was subject also to the following conditions.

"First. The said park as ... enlarged shall be kept open and free (except as hereinafter mentioned) every day Sundays and holidays included for the use, benefit, enjoyment and recreation of the public in all time coming.

Second. The area of the park so far as not occupied by walks, trees, buildings and other fixtures shall be devoted to the purpose of games and the inhabitants of the Parish of Kilmacolm shall have the sole use of the said area for that purpose.

Third. Should any difficulty arise as to how the area available for games shall be apportioned the preference in all cases shall be given to those inhabitants of the Parish of Kilmacolm who live in houses having no garden attached. In order to increase the revenue it shall be in the power of the Trustees to prohibit free entrance to the park and make a charge for admission or let of the said park or part thereof for such public games and exhibitions as shall not destroy the park or spoil it for the purposes above set forth on not more than six days in each year ...


The Park Cottages referred to in this last provision formed a single building in the centre of the Park. Many years ago they were amalgamated and converted to create what is now the Pavilion."

... 'The Chalet', 'Broomknowe Cottage, 'Gorse Cottage', 'Garth Lodge' and 'Rosemount Villa' fourth fifth and sixth above disponed are disponed in order that they may be let at such annual rents as can be obtained for them and the income thus obtained from them and from the letting of the Park Cottages shall be applied in the maintenance of the park ..."

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